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Felt Roofing Authorised Versa Roof System Installers

Material Technology

As with all things in an evolving world and with the demands of modern living, technology constantly moves forward. This applies to the roofing sector as much as any other consequently the roofing materials now available are reaching new levels in performance. The same rules apply to flat roof waterproofing and with today's health and safety and environmental considerations the days of rolls of felt laid in hot bitumen are largely coming to an end. Modern generation roofing materials are now being made from polymers.

Membrane Construction

VERSA membrane consists of a special ultra-violet resistant polymer compound with a non-woven synthetic fleece layer attached to the underside, producing a membrane with high puncture and tear resistance.

Low Maintenance

Apart from the occasional cleaning of gutters and removal of dirt and debris VERSA membrane roofs are considered "maintenance free". In the unlikely event of a repair being required this can be quickly and easily carried out.


Skilled installers are trained and approved by the Construction Waterproofing Technical Department. Jointing Procedure: Overlap seams of the waterproofing membrane are cleanly and professionally carried out using electrically powered hot air welding equipment. The polymer compounds of the upper and lower sheets in the overlap are simultaneously heated and allowed to flow into one and other as pressure is applied. When cooled the two sheets become FUSED together and are inseparable.

Roof Edge Detail

All roof perimeter edge details are custom fabricated in galvanised steel profiles laminated with VERSA membrane. This allows for the main field membrane to be fused to the metal edge profile not only creating a very clean and attractive appearance but more importantly providing a secure and thoroughly integrated method of waterproofing.

Versa Roof Systems Benefits
  • 100% Water-tight
  • 30 Year Life Expectancy
  • Maintenance Free
  • Quick Installation